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Marvin Wastell
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February 12-14, 2016
Ramada Inn - Kearney, NE
Rev Up!  We're all in this race!

Tri-Star Basketball

The green flag is up!
The race has begun!  

Nebraska District Optimists are setting goals to improve communication, strengthen, nuture, grow and build clubs and make the district stronger to serve more youth.

District Conferences are being planned to include useful information, good programs and resources and time for members to network, interact, develop friendships and work together.

 Member input is invited and encouraged! 

Share your story...
Think about how and why you joined an Optimist club and what it means to you.  Be willing to condense your story into a brief account and share it with others.  Your experience may help someone to understand the unique opportunities that Optimists have in touching lives and making things better for children.

Share your story.  Optimism is a gift worth giving.
OI Mission Statement

By providing hope, and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in children.
Bringing out the best...

The phrase "bringing out the best in kids" that we have all become so familiar with is being revised to be more descriptive of what actually happens in the organization.

"Optimists:  bringing out the best in our youth, our communities and ourselves -- right here!  right now!

Announcements & Events
Oratorical Contest
Grand Island, NE
4/16/2016  8:00am - 4:00pm

Second Quarter Conference
Kearney, Nebraska
2/13/2016  6:30 pm Friday - 11:00 am Sunday

Second Quarter Conference
Kearney, Nebraska
2/14/2016  6:30 pm Friday - 11:00 am Sunday

Optimist Calendar
 February 2016 

Governor's Message
I wish to thank each member of the 2015-2016 Nebraska District Optimist Team which includes Lt. Governors, District officers, Committee Chairs and members, club officers and members of all 44 clubs! Each of you has made a commitment to take the journey of your life in being an Optimist to bring out the best in our youth, our communities and ourselves. As we review the heritage of each Optimist Club, we are in awe of the many accomplishments of our members. We also realize that things are changing and we are challenged to grow so we can continue to provide meaningful activities, be successful in fundraising, enjoy fellowship and touch lives.
Marvin Wastell
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